Mr. Barrack H Obama II : Good Luck

Assalamualaimum to Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama II

From Malaysia, I would like to wish you a very good luck for this coming US Presidential Election.

I pray to The Almighty GOD, may you will be the one who selected to lead the United State of America.

From far away I could feel that you are the next President of USA.

From far away, I could smell peace of the entire human race, under your administration.

From far away, I could taste the flavour of the entire world economic prosperity under your leadership.

Oh Allah.. Please bless Barack Hussein Obama with victory.

Oh Allah… Please guide Barack Hussein Obama to the kindness.

Oh Allah… Please give Barrack Hussein Obama strength to lead US and entire world.

Oh Allah… Please protect Barrack Hussein Obama from enemies and enviers.